What to Expect

What can I expect during the appointment?

Consultation and Design    approximately 30 minutes

Bring any photos that catch your eye. We will work together to shape and design to enhance your natural features. From there, we choose a pigment match based on skin tone and hair colour.

Numbing    approximately 30 minutes

A topical anesthetic (5% lidocaine) is applied prior to the procedure and an additional numbing agent is used during the tattooing.

Contact lenses will need to be removed for eyeliner or lash enhancements.

Lips are more sensitive. If you are aware of your sensitivity, prior to your appointment you can see your family doctor for a prescribed topical 20% lidocaine to bring to the appointment or see your dentist for an injectable anesthesia prior to the appointment.

Tatooing    time varies by service

Eyebrows  Microblading only:  approximately 60 minutes

Eyebrows  Micropigmentation only:  approximately 60-90 minutes

Eyebrows  Microblading and Micropigmentation:  approximately 60-90 minutes

Lash Enhancement  Micropigmentation:  approximately 60 minutes

Lips  Micropigmentation:  approximately 120-180 minutes

Wrinkle refinement, scar and stretch mark camouflage, skin repigmentation including areola and nipple, and hair repigmentation will vary in appointment time

Recommended touch up 2-3 months after First Session

A second session is not required but highly recommended to perfect the tattoo. Eyebrows and eyeliner touch ups can be booked 2-3 months after first service.

Lips can be touched up after 4- 6 months. The number of maintenance required can depends on after care, lifestyle and skin type. Oilier skin types tend to fade quicker than drier skin types.

Annual touch ups are also highly recommended to maintain the tattoos.

Paramedical procedures are completely different when dealing with scar tissue. Two-three treatments are common because scar tissue can resist pigment up to 80%.