Before my Appointment

Are there any restrictions prior to the appointment?

30 Days Before: Avoid sun/tanning bed exposure for one month before and after your procedure as it will affect the procedure. UV damages the skin and increases sensitivity prior to procedure, as well after the procedure it fades the ink pigment. If a tan or sunburn is present during the appointment, it will be rescheduled and the deposit forfeited.

14 Days Before: Stop the use of any products containing retinol, vitamin A, glycolic acids, or any other exfoliating agents on the area to be tattooed two weeks prior to your appointment. Do not have botox and filler services completed within the two weeks prior to your appointment.

7 Days Before: Do not have brow tinting services completed within the one week prior to your appointment.

2 Days Before: Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or blood thinners (aspirin, ibuprofen, fish or niacin) 48 hours prior to your procedure to avoid excess bleeding. Brow waxing and shaping appointments should also be avoided leading up to the appointment.